We're RouteBasic

As drivers and couriers with years of experience behind the wheel, we know how last-minute changes and detours can really throw a delivery schedule.

We developed RouteBasic to help drivers everywhere stay on top when things change on the road.

Beautifully designed and easy to use, RouteBasic helps small businesses route stops on demand—no dispatcher needed.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs have started and scaled their delivery businesses with our technology, all without complicated, expensive software and rigid workflows.

The RouteBasic Story

It’s 2018. Jason, our founder, runs pizza deliveries out of Ocean Beach, CA, while working on his degree. After months of frustration, he realizes that tracking orders and finding addresses by himself is stressful and slow. And god forbid he runs into a surprise jam and the pizza arrives cold.

So, Jason decides to put his computer science classes to good use. He builds a routing app that adds last-minute stops with a few clicks, then optimizes his route with the best live information available. Jason is delighted. His delivery trips are now fast and smooth, and he almost never feels like his day is spiraling out of control.

After few months of tweaking, Jason decides to share his idea with fellow drivers and small businesses.

Today, RouteBasic is a seed-funded, fast-growing startup with hundreds of users worldwide.

Why RouteBasic?

“This app absolutely changed my life! I no longer have to worry about complicated dispatch workflows or expensive software. I call my drivers directly, tell them where the next customer is and the driver adds the customer to his route. It's that easy!”

“Clean design, simple and easy to use. I just needed an app to plan my routes without any fuss. I am very happy with it and would recommend it if ever asked.”